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Northampton’s central location makes it a great place to operate a business. You are only an hour away from London, Birmingham, Oxford & Cambridge. The Town of Northampton has thousands of thriving businesses from a versatile set of industries ranging from food industry, automobile, manufacturing to tech companies worth £1.5 billion to the local economy.  As a hub of such versatile set of small and big businesses, there is incredible business potential that can be generated through networking with other local business leaders.

Northampton is transforming how it manages its waste and the long term goal is for no waste to be sent to landfill. We provide sustainable closed loop recycling services wherever possible, and when recycling is not an option, we transform this waste into energy that is used to power local homes and business. As well as using sustainable waste management options, such as source segregated recycling, there will always be general business waste, that can’t be recycled.

It is vital that businesses do everything they can to reduce waste in the first place and if you don’t know where to start with reducing waste, we can provide you with tips for reducing waste in your business.

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General Waste Services

1st Waste Management provide a comprehensive General Waste service, offering reliable collection and processing by our trusted partners, alongside true efficiency and value.

Our end-to-end solution will take care of everything from scheduling to invoicing, while also ensuring you get the best price for your service, thanks to our expansive network and National Account status with our collectors.

We’re trusted by offices, schools, care homes, hospitals and retailers throughout the UK to manage their General Waste responsibly and reliably. We want to help you, too.

Frequently Asked Questions for General Waste Solutions in

How can I get a quote for waste collection services?

Getting a quote is quick and easy – in the first instance, we need to establish your waste and preferred bin types and your contact details, so complete our online form and we’ll provide you with an immediate quote.

Alternatively, if you prefer give us a call during office hours (8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday) on 0808 164 2694 and we’ll be to talk through the process with you.

Do you service my postcode?

We cover the vast majority of the UK so give us a call 0808 164 2694 and we’ll confirm that we can cover your postcode.

I’m unhappy with my current waste collection service what should I do?

We’d be happy to provide some advice on how you might improve your current service levels. Give us a call 0808 164 2694 and we’ll chat through your options.

Will you me provide with a quote even though I’m still in contract with my existing suppler?

Of course, give us a call 0808 164 2694 and we explore all your options and provide you with a quote.

How long are your waste service agreement for?

The minimum service agreement is 12 months, however, if you commit to a longer contract with us, we might be able to save you even more money. Call us 0808 164 2694 and we can discuss how we can reduce your waste costs.

Are the waste bins lockable?

The 660 litre, 1100 litre containers and other larger containers do have a locking function, however not all of the containers are lockable.

Do you offer recycling collection only?

We offer recycling services alongside our general waste collection rather than standalone recycling services.

Our recycling service offers a container for clean and dry paper, cardboard, cans, and plastic bottles.

In the case of glass and food, we offer a designated container - all other material must be placed in your general waste bin.

The aim is to reduce contamination so we’re recycling as much of your waste as possible. As you waste management contractor, we play a key role in reducing your waste carbon footprint.

Give us a call 0808 164 2694 and let’s discuss your requirements.

How do I decide which container I need?

You’ll find our entire container range on our website - including sizes and the types of waste they can contain.

If you need more help deciding on the appropriate container, please contact us by filling in an enquiry form or calling us on 0808 164 2694.

Can I change my collection frequency or bin size?

You can increase the service frequency of your waste collection service and bin sizes whenever required.

Call us today 0808 164 2694 and we’ll amend your service plan.

Can I choose when you collect my bins?

You may have time constraints and access restrictions around collecting your bins.

We’ll always try and collect your waste at a convenient time and we take preferences into consideration, however, call us 0808 164 2694 so we can discuss your requirements.

Do I have to pay a delivery charge for my bins?

We do not charge for deliveries however there may be some additional charges within your service agreement. All charges are transparent and set out in the Service Agreement.

Call us 0808 164 2694 and we can discuss all charges associated with the collection of your waste.

Is there a weight allowance for the bins?

Yes, there is a weight allowance for the contents of the bin. Our suppliers’ vehicles are fitted with scales which weigh the containers upon collection to ensure accurate data collection.

We set out any additional charges in the Service Agreement with you, so call us 0808 164 2694 to discuss your likely requirements.

What’s the length of time for setting up a new contract?

We aim to ensure that you have seamless transfer from your incumbent supplier to us.

Once we have a signed Service Agreement and other paperwork back from you it takes up to 10 working days to get the bins on-site.

Can I cancel my Service Agreement during the agreed period?

There would be a cancellation fee, however, call us so we can discuss your circumstances.

Can you provide me with a skip?

Yes - we have a range of skip options available to you. Call us 0808 164 2694 so we can discuss your requirements and provide you with a quote.

Do you dispose of hazardous materials?

Yes - we dispose of hazardous commercial waste in a safe and controlled fashion. As you will be aware, failure to comply with strict legislation can result in your business inflicting damage on the environment and facing serous consequences.

Give us a call 0808 164 2694 and we'll explore all your options and provide you with a quote.

What advice do you offer with regard to hazardous waste materials?

We have accredited 'Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors within the team, who offer expert advice with trained chemists often dispatched to collect samples for analysis. We supply appropriate containers and offer emergency collections should time pressures apply.

Give us a call 0808 164 2694 so we can provide you with more advice.

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